Voz De Jubilo

Voz de Jubilo Ministry is a christian music project, focusing on worship and praise to God through song. It first started in a local Assemblies of God church in Almada, near Lisbon, Portugal, and is the result of several years of investment in the music and worship department made by the church, mainly through worship conferences that first started in 1998. These conferences are known, since 2013, as COMJUBILO.

Since assuming the name Voz de Jubilo in 2009, the ministry has edited 4 live recorded albums, capturing unique worship moments, as well as 2 studio albums for children. Its original line-up remains unchanged, being led by worship leaders Ana Mary, Nuno Fernandes and, as music director, David Neutel. Their musical identity is singular, mixing styles from pop to rock, incorporating MPB, bigband and R&B. It is possible to find a mix of original songs and covers across all its albums.

Being a christian project above anything else, Voz de Jubilo is formed by musicians and singers from different areas and denominations. Apart from them, the Voz de Jubilo ministry has had the privilege of recording with artists like Asaph Borba, Graham Kendrick and Marc James.