Sheymoy Ronicia Neshon Allison, who is also known by the name Shey. Shey was Born on February 26th 1989. Her parents are Charles and Stephanie Adams. Shey also has two older brothers, one in the military and the other an aspiring Doctor. 

Shey was born and raised in the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. After being baptized at a young age, only thirteen years old, Shey knew God had a great calling on her life and knew God had placed something special within her that she wanted to share with the world.

Shey began singing at an early age and used her gift to lead worship and became a member of her Local Church - the Revival Centre Ministries Choir. Apart from singing Shey became a young role model to many youths in her Local Church and Community. Shey soon became a Sunday School teacher and a teacher of English and Spanish by profession.

In 2009 Shey migrated to Plymouth, England, to complete her degree in International Tourism Management. While studying she met her husband, Joseph Allison Junior, a musician at her local church. Shey then moved to Oxford, England where she got married to the love of her life. She continued to serve the Lord alongside her husband at the Christian Life Centre Church where she quickly joined the worship team and choir.

Shey became a Youth leader and a role model to the local youth in her Church in Oxford. As a result, Shey has been leading worship  for the past two years at the Christian Life Centre Church and she brings passion and energy to her worship with a contemporary and youthful approach. Shey has become one of the main worship Leaders and has dedicated her life to serving God in ministry.

Shey has sung at local Church events with her local Church Choir and has sung in the Choir to open worship for Donny McClurkin. She has also opened worship for the past two years at the Christian Life Centre Church’s annual Prayer and Healing Conference. Shey has a great passion for singing and doing the work of God. She is ready to bless the hearts of people and to share this talent with the world to give glory and praise to the most High God.