David Neutel was born on August 12, 1973 in Maputo, Mozambique. Within a few months he moved to Portugal with his parents and grew up in the city of Almada (on the southern bank of the Tejo River). He began his studies in music at age 11, learning piano at Luisa Falcon’ School. As he was learning, he applied his knowledge within the local church.

At only 19 years of age David became a professional musician, working for television, composing for commercials and corporate videos. At the same time he taught at the Lisbon jazz school and was able to play with some well-known national artists. During this time he also studied with classical piano teacher, Vera Prokish.

The music quality in the churches has always been a concern, and for this reason, in 2001 David decided to head to the United States where he studied recording and production engineering at Integrity Music - Alabama. This was a milestone in his life. From then on he began to devote more time to production and consequently the studio. In 2002 he composed and produced an album for Nucha, who at the time was a newly converted Christian, becoming the best-selling Gospel album ever in Portugal. David has recorded and produced a lot of Christian artists, both nationally and internationally, which is highlighted in the album: "Igreja Viva" (Living Church) with the participation of Pastor Asaph Borba.

On a secular level, David has worked with various artists, including Angels, Mafalda Arnauth, Lucia Moniz, to name but a few. David always acts with the purpose of serving God and the church, he never failed to take care of the music ministries of local churches where he had been. He has also travelled to several countries ministering on praise and the role of music and musicians in the church.

In 2008 David was Music Director of the World Congress of the Assembly of God that took place in Lisbon, and in 2010 the national Ladies meeting (CADP). In 2011 he launched the CD entitled “Além do véu” (Beyond the Veil), with the participation of different worship leaders, Fernandinho, from Brazil, and Ana Mary Baizán, from Spain. This became the first Portuguese project to be distributed by a major publisher in Brazil - Onimusic. In August 2013 he launched the video clip “A Glória do Rei” (The Glory of the King) and a few months later an album with the same name. That project included the participation of Nivea Soares (from Brazil), Graham Kendrick (from the UK), Asaph Borba (from Brazil) and a few Portuguese worship leaders.

In the past 10 years he has taught piano, music education and choir in the Aceda Music School in Almada, where he also assumed the position of pedagogical director.

Currently he lives in Oxford (UK) with his wife Ana Margarida and their two children: James and Ana Maria Neutel. He is responsible for the artistic development at AlphaRecords which was one of the oldest Christian publishing houses. He also is the recording engineer and studio music producer for The Abbey Recording Company Ltd based at theAbbey Street Recording Studio.