Ana Mary was born on 20 August 1970 in Cadiz, Spain, and converted to Christ in 1982. After being baptized as a 16-year-old, Ana began a worship ministry in her local Church, creating the first worship team.

In 1994 Ana completed a degree in Law at the Faculty of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz - Spain) and subsequently worked as a lawyer for 8 years. Ana has also worked as a ​​Sunday School teacher for 10 years

Ana married Paulo Branco, a current Senior Pastor of Almada Assembly of God Church, who was previosly a missionary for 14 years in Spain. After marriage they lived in Cadizfor 4 years until the Lord called them to Portugal. They have three children: Rebeca, Ester and Paulo David, now 21, 17 and 8 years respectively

On arrival in Portugal in 1994 Ana studied at the Music School of the Church of Almada, receiving musical training classes for both singing and guitar.  At the same time she was involved with the worship departament of the local Church which was enriched with Praise Conferences organization.

In the last  8 years Ana has been completely dedicated herself to the service of God, specifically through music, worship teams  and ministry directed at women.

Ana integrated the Convenção das Assembleias de Deus’ national womens departament and participated in the choir and worship team in the National Conference Convention of women of the Assemblies of God in Portugal, both in 2005 and 2007, being the leadership at the last conference in October 2010.

Ana has also participated in several events and conferences organized by local and national churches  in Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany and Angola.

Ana currently has has four solo albums:

Ana’s debut album was relaeased in 2006 and contained some original works, the album was entitled "A teus pés”(“At your feet”) and is bilingual (Portuguese and Spanish).

The second release was in 2010 and entittled “Vejo o Senhor”(“I see the Lord").

Ana’s thrid release was in 2014 and was an album called “Prosseguirei” ("I shall continue"). This contained all original songs and also featured contributuions by Asaph Borba.

Ana’s most recent release is a  Spanish verison/cover of “Promise”, the latest release by Marc James, and is entiled “Promesa”.

As part of the  Voz de júbilo ministry,  (Voice of joy ministry), Ana participated in their “Comjubilo” conferences, and has recorded six albums as worship co-leader : “Move-te”,  “Renúncia”, “A Tua vontade” , “Creio”, “ Cantemos nós também I” and “Cantemos nós também II”.

Ana has also participated in several recording projects in the studio "Sounds of Heaven"  of the musician and producer David Neutel.

22 years since her arrival in Portugal, Ana continues to serve the Lord beside her husband in the same Local Church, AD Almada, Portugal.